What is happening to ITIR, Devanahalli?

J.Vishnu Shankar


The union cabinet has approved the ITIR project, Devanahalli on the 4th of June 2013 and the Karnataka Government is expected to issue a final notification for acquisition of 2072 acres very shortly. For staters, ITIR ( Information Technology Investment Region) is a very ambitious venture by the state Government to create a mega hub for the IT sector, spread across almost 10,000 acres of land between Devanahalli, Chikballapur, Nandi Hills and Dodballapur.

The Karnataka Industrial Area Development Board (KIADB) has already issued preliminary notification under Section 28 (1) of KIADB Act. The final notification will be issued very soon, S R Patil, minister for IT/BT, science and technology said.

The Centre will provide the required infrastructure facilities like rail network, roads and telecommunication for the proposed ITIR project, he said adding, The state government is committed to developing this project. There is no question of going slow or delaying the project.

Read the Business Standard Report on the same, HERE

The ITIR (Information Technology Investment Region), Devanahalli launched with much fanfare IN 2010 by the state govt, has been making progress, albeit at a slow pace.

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Times of India reported earlier that most of the approvals from both the state and Centre are in place and land acquisition for the first phase of 3000acres is about to begin. The first phase is expected to be ready in about 5 years time.

You can read more on the same by clicking HERE

This ITIR is independent of another 3800 acres of land that is already in the possession of KIADB before the Devanahalli international airport where the Hardware park is in the final stages of getting ready apart from a number of companies about to start constructing their campuses.

For those of you confused about the location of this 3800 acres of IT / Software / Hardware / Aero space facilities being palnned, here are the details.

The realty developers,  however do not see the need to wait for the things to actually happen on ground. Completely convinced that Devanahalli will hit it big-time later if not sooner, huge villa complex developments have been springing up as we have chronicled in our earlier blog.



5 thoughts on “What is happening to ITIR, Devanahalli?

  1. pleas dont spoil nandi hills plz change this area to somewhere opposite to airport there are some area near to devanahalli like sulebele ,nalluru balepura ,bidalapura this area is quite suitable for all .there is road to electric city and near to whitefield etc plz dont spoil nandi hill plZ leave it as it like we cant get this nature property once you spoil

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